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View Movie      The Street - Alix Steel interviews John Doody; he reveals two mistakes
     to avoid when investing in gold.
View Movie      KITCO - John Doody is interviewed by KITCO News 10/19/10
View Movie      CNBC - John Doody joins by phone and talks to "The Edge" about
     "Investing in Gold & Silver"
View Movie      CNBC - John Doody was a guest on "Squawk Box" Show hosted
     by Becky Quick and Joe Kernen
View Movie      CNBC - Bob Pisani interviews John Doody on "Street Signs" 05/28/10
View Movie      KITCO - John Doody is interviewed at Hard Assets Conference
     in New York

GSA's Editor John Doody is regularly a guest on Jim Puplava's Financial Sense
internet radio broadcast to present an update on gold.
Listen      "GSA's profit making analysis explained" 12/04/10
Listen      "Gold and Real Interest Rate" 10/22/10
Listen      "Dividends will defeat the ETFs" 07/31/10
Listen      "Dividends and Gold Stocks" 03/27/10
Listen      "It's still a Bull Market" 01/23/10
Listen      "More M & A" 11/14/09
Listen      "Mergers and Acquisitions" 11/07/09
Listen      "Picking stocks to beat Gold's gains" 08/01/09
Listen      "Yamana, Holding Our Nose" 06/27/09
Listen      "Mergers Coming?" 05/23/09
Listen      "Metals Update" 04/18/09
Listen      "Keep your eyes on the Prize" 03/14/09
Listen      "Gold Miners Set to Soar" 12/20/08
Listen      "Two Extreme Bargain Stocks" 11/21/08
Listen      "Yamana: Back up the Truck" 10/03/08
Listen      "Time to Upgrade Your Portfolio" 09/06/08
Listen      "The Case for Gold" 07/19/08
Listen      "Selecting the GSA Top 10" 06/07/08
Listen      "Dollar's Technicals" 04/05/08
Listen      "Stocks leverage to $900 gold" 01/19/08
Listen      "Financial Sense Annual Gold Show" 11/23/07
Listen      "Dollar & the Trade Deficit" 11/10/07
Listen      "Mexican Mine Tour" 10/05/07
Listen      "Bernanke Blinks" 08/18/07
Listen      "Gold Portfolio Diversification" 06/23/07
Listen      "Back Up the Truck" 06/02/07

Listen      "KITCO Radio - John Doody Talks Gold and The US Dollar" 06/23/08
Listen      "John Doody's 2008 NY Gold Show Speech - Audio" 05/12/08
Listen      "KITCO Radio - Smartstox Talks To John Doody about The Fed,
     The Dollar and Gold"

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