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GSA Top 10 Results audited by Alpha Performance Verification

The GSA Top 10 has had great results over the past 16 years ... up +526.6% and an average 24.1% per year.

These results are so extraordinary that some don't believe them.

So we had every Buy and Sell over the past 16 years examined and vetted by an independent auditor, Alpha Performance Verification Services (they also verify mutual and hedge funds results). Alpha's report and the Top 10's audited results are shown below. As far as we know, no other financial newsletter provides audited results.

Download the report by clicking this link.

Alpha Performance Audit letter 2016


Alpha Performance Audit Results for Goldstockanalyst 2001-2016.


In the November 2017 issue...

of GSA-Pro we discuss the creeping takeover of African and South American Gold mines by some host nations and ask if there will be enough of a return for public shareholders. We also report on the following stocks: IAMGold, Kinross, Kirkland Lake, Klondex Gold, Leagold, Lundin Gold, Lydian, Midas Gold, Newcastle and Mega-Oz Projects Northern Dynasty, Novagold, Pretium and Seabridge. Plus recent news of our Top 10 stocks.

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